Internship Description

LifeTagger seeks an intern with experience in software design, coding and debugging to participate with our team in a 6-week summer internship. The intern will gain exciting real-world software engineering experience at a thriving company.  The intern will learn and be a part of building a product from ideation to creation.

We frequently work in small teams to solve problems, explore new technologies, and learn from one another. The ideal intern for this environment will be a self starter,  enthusiastic and collaborative.


  • Document and test new software applications

  • Assess new application ideas

  • Research competitor offerings

  • Develop applications (coding, programming)

  • Interview beta testers


  • Computer Science/Network Engineering, Engineering, or Mathematics major;  Boot Camps and self taught with proven experience will also be strongly considered

  • Excellent analytical and mathematics skills

  • Ability to work in teams

  • Experience programming in Java, Javascript, React framework, nodeJs or swift(We have opportunities in each one of these areas so if you have one or more you are encouraged to apply)


  • Practical experience with a variety of software stacks

  • Learn the whole product life cycle

  • Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with seasoned professionals

  • Flexible schedule for students

  • Compensation available

Send resumes and portfolios to